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Omid Saffari
Founder & CEO of archidets.

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Leo Romano


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Knowledge, creativity. Respect, commitment and dedication. Forty-nine years old, of which twenty-four are dedicated to making design and architecture. An intense production. Restless and curious. His vast training allows him to move properly through the universe of creation (graduation in Visual Arts, Interior Design, Graphic Design and Architecture and Urbanism - master in Visual Arts).

The Paes Leme House has 560 sqm of built area, is in Quirinópolis, about 150km from Goiânia, and was built from scratch. The landscape that the client would like to see from his room was an important piece of information that should be thought. The land is large (almost 3000 sqm) and corner. The position of the room needed to contemplate the incredible landscape (on the left side there is a view of nature, a mix of mountains with the vegetation of the cerrado). At the same time, the customer also wanted an internal view of the lot (garden, pool, etc).

The integration between spaces is one of the highlights. It was one of the customer's requests for a house in which he could receive people very well. Then, the house integrates leisure, balcony and all the social part, when they are with the doors open. And from the bedrooms, once the hallway doors open, also overlook the pool. The house is all white-clad and defined by few traces.

The pool was also an important element in which a very interesting resource was used: the pool is winding in the deepest part and has a simpler shape in its outline.

The furniture is Brazilian, furniture that the customer can use in their day to day. The house does not have any type of hierarchy, everything is very integrated, to have a more intense use. In this way, the living, the home, the dinner, the porch, everything has a very similar importance within the concept of the house.

Omid Saffari
Founder & CEO of archidets.