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Omid Saffari
Founder & CEO of archidets.

Studio In2


Studio In2


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Taipei, Taiwan

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focused on creating spaces which strike a perfect balance between function and aesthetics with an emphasis on the importance of composition and proportion, from lines to colors. Studio In2 provides a variety of timeless, artistic, and modern designs to our clients.

Future designs will gradually cease to emphasize the integration of Chinese and Western styles because different lifestyles will naturally become indistinguishable. Sharing the same thoughts with homeowners working abroad, we conceptualized a home design that integrates the future with the contemporary. By overlaying Eastern and Western paintings, we produced a brand-new work of art that can serve as an inspiration for cultural balance and mutual prosperity in the future.

This design is not restricted to recreating the traditional techniques of Eastern and Western expressions; rather, it deconstructs and reorganizes the forms, textures, patterns, and lines that originated from different areas and applies them to a simplistic spatial design. It creates a harmonious balance that relies not on mutual inclusion but the complete and equal fusion of styles, while implicitly expressing the artis-tic connotation of the living space.

Using an open plan as the benchmark, this design adopts free openings to integrate all life func-tions and creates a system of links, connections, and overlapping areas while preserving private spaces. The use of both straight and curved lines serves as special visual guides to create varia-tions in perceptions of the living space. The use of design elements such as grids, ropes, and col-umns add a variety of temporal changes to the lighting and shadows of the interior, thereby creating a dynamic element within a static space.

Located in a diverse neighborhood, this south-facing space makes use of rotating vertical louver doors to create a flexible and changeable entry. The design allows the dispersal of light through the vertical louvers into the room, creating a space in which the interplay of light and shadows can be regulated by adjusting the position of the louver doors according to the time of day.

Omid Saffari
Founder & CEO of archidets.